Course Structures

  • Solo

    Our Solo structure is self-paced and gives the student the freedom to work on their own. Are you most comfortable learning without a class and without restrictions? This structure might be best for you!

  • Social

    Our group classes are instructor-paced and feature group discussions, shared projects, and more. If you prefer to learn as part of a group or compare your work to others, you will love the extra interaction these courses provide.

  • Custom

    Are you a school or organization that would like a custom course? From live lessons to courses that are only open to your students, QUARKMINE can work with you to meet the needs of your students and administrators.

Course Levels

Introductory, fun, and great for students with no experience.  Add and expand on foundation-level skills. Great for beginners. Show off skills, fine-tune concepts, and get creative. Best for students with some experience. Advanced opportunities to gain an in-depth understanding. Ideal for students with advanced experience.